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What is Dolphin Logger?

Every weekday throughout the nation, millions of schoolchildren embrace education and learn the skills for a successful future. But before each school day begins, a network of transportation is necessary. School buses typically require a large amount of maintenance, so when something goes awry, students miss their rides, parents begin to worry, and school officials have to manage the chaos in real-time.

In the Daviess County Public School system alone, over 7,000 students are routed with a total of nearly 120 school buses at eighteen different schools. To reduce the chaos and increase efficiency, Dolphin Logger was a concept in which school vehicles would be checkpointed when they enter and exit the pickup zones – now, it’s no longer a concept. After nearly twenty months of planning and implementing a proof-of-concept at Daviess County High School, Dolphin Logger is becoming a reality.

The way it works is simple: each vehicle has a discreet RFID chip on it (just like the chip on a credit card); when a bus passes an entrance or exit gateway, an antenna “pings” the bus with an electromagnetic blast, much like a dolphin uses sonar. That blast detects the route number on the RFID chip and the signal is sent back to a database where the route number and timestamp are logged.

Once in the database, many devices can see the bus statuses and statistics as they occur. For example, television screens around the school can broadcast a live arrivals and departures board, just like an airport terminal display.

Currently, the broadcast can show a student if his or her bus is in transit, arrived, departed, or in between. Several other mediums of communication are possible, including intercom announcements and a mobile app, to make it convenient for students and teachers alike.

In the future, advanced reports and graphs can be generated for parents and school officials, such as average arrival times, estimated transit times, and route distribution models.

This is the power of the future.

This is the power of Dolphin Logger.

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Getting down to brass tacks, Dolphin was created to save districts of all sizes both time and money.

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